Sunday, November 9, 2014

Halloween, Bats, and Spiders

We had a blast at our Halloween parade and party! Here are some pictures from our day:

We have been researching and writing about spiders and bats over the last couple of weeks! The students are getting very good at researching! They have been working hard with partners to find  information in books and on the web!

On Wednesday we filled our classroom bucket! The students got to chew gum and have 20 minutes of iPad free time! They worked really hard to fill their bucket and they were very excited to fill it 
again  :)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Kenue Park Field Trip, Fire Station and Fishing

We went to Kenue Park to learn more about pioneers! At Kenue Park we had four stations. We visited Ron who talked to us about pioneer life. Then we went to the one room school house to see how school was different in the past. The students learned how to play games that pioneer kids used to play and we went on a nature hike with Charles! It was such a fun trip and the students learned a lot about pioneer life! They created a writing and 30 hands video on the iPads about the field trip! I have also attached some pictures of the students on the field trip.

Here is our video about our field trip! You can watch all of the videos on this playlist or click on it to watch individual videos :)

Here are some pictures from our field trip!

This week is fire safety week so we took a trip to the fire station. The second graders loved learning about the fire trucks and equipment. Of course they loved spraying the water as well! We also created a floor plan of their house and marked all of the exits for each room. Here are some pictures from our trip to the fire station:

Here are some pictures from our fishing trip at the fish hatchery!