Thursday, February 5, 2015

Winter Fun!

The students have been working hard on Iowa Assessments this week. They have earned many pom poms and filled our class bucket so we will be having a pajama day tomorrow! Please have the second graders wear their pajamas to school! Valentines Day is just around the corner! Feel free to send Valentines anytime next week. We will be making Valentines bags here at school. I will type out the class list on the bottom of this blog post.

Here are some updates on what we have been working on since Christmas break:

In reading, we have been working hard on comprehension strategies and vocabulary. The students have been learning new vocabulary words from our read aloud books as well as small group books. At home I encourage you to please read every night with the second graders! I hope you are amazed at the progress they have made since the Fall! I found some great resources that you can use at home for practicing comprehension skills! 

Here is the website that I found these tips from: 

For writing we have been working on persuasive writings. The students favorite persuasive writing was with a partner. They had to choose their favorite animal, sport, game, or other and then write about why theirs was the best. The students created a partner popplet on the iPads to sort their ideas before the writing. Here are their popplets:

Kaleb J and Ethan
Best Team: Seahawks

Libby and Kiana 
Best Season: Summer

Luther and Maia
Best Pet: Cats

Peyton and Sicily
Best Season: Summer

Sam and Will
Best Team: Seahawks

Emma M, Emma W, Taylor and Hailie
Best Animal: Panda

Caleb B, Conner, and Benson
Best Game: Minecraft

Ian and Dietrich
Best Game: Minecraft

In math we have been working hard on addition and subtraction with and without regrouping, time and money! 

During social studies we have been learning about nutrition and the food groups! Yesterday was the 100th day of school and we did many fun activities. The students favorite was to see how many times they could do an activity in 100 seconds. They had to make an estimation and then try and see how many times they could hop up and down, clap their hands, and write their names in 100 seconds. 
Here are two pictures of the class on the 100th day :)

Class List

Emma M 
Emma W